Friday, April 8, 2016

A Trip with Yet another Mode of Transportation

8 April 2016

Last year I paddled on Lake Powell for a couple days, through the side canyons. The area was so stunning that this year I decided to do it again with a little more dedication.

With my friend Carla, we will be heading down to Bullfrog Marina at the northern end of Lake Powell, get shuttled via speed boat to Dangling Rope Marina and spend two weeks paddling 60 plus miles back up lake exploring and camping in the canyons along the way.

With water levels continuing to be at an all time low, there are many side canyons that have Anasazi ruins exposed and the impressive features of Glen Canyon emerging out of the water. In such a controversial recreational area I feel bitter-sweet about traveling through it. I love the water access; silently paddling through 100' sheer and winding walls is pretty dreamy, but at the same time it feels like it all shouldn't be there.
So packing and  preparations for the paddle trip have begun and in 10 days we will be on our way. Here's to new adventures and no wind!