Thursday, September 12, 2019

Beautiful Weather and Numb Buns

12 Sept 2019
There is something so satisfying about assembling my bike in the airport and then just riding out the front doors to start my trip.

I felt like I skimped a little on the things I packed in an effort to cut weight. Fortunately I found a light puffy coat (only mildly grubby) on the side of the road as I was riding out of Dublin. I risked life and limb to run across the narrow, shoulderless road to grab it so I was extra pleased that it turned out to be my size!
I biked 50km north to Slane to pitch my tent next to a donkey and a goat. The combo of jetlag and not biking at all this summer is making my tent seem like a feather bed. Tomorrow I'll be up to my ears in castles, scones, and ancient sites but for now it's time to get horizontal.

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