Sunday, September 29, 2019

So good, so hard, so done!

29 Sept
What a crazy, long day yesterday! Must have had the luck of the Irish because the weather was decent until an hour before the finish when it started to pour. I did walk quite a bit and made a fair amount of pathetic little gulpy noises throughout the run.
I wish I had my camera because it was so beautiful. We ran past the tallest waterfall in Ireland and over every hill in the area. The boardwalk stretched for miles over boggy water holes, through forests filled with fog machines for a movie shoot, and along the windy coast line.
11 hours and 11 minutes after the start, I crossed the finish line. Not fast, not petty, but I made it!
Today my walk looks a little more gimpy and someone asked if I was ok as I came down the stairs. Overall I'm feeling pretty satisfied, not ready to run anytime soon, but happy I made it.
Tomorrow morning I fly home and back to the real world.  Ireland I would do again in a heartbeat, 50 miles, nope!

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